By David Kerr

2013 Third Base Rankings

1. Miguel Cabrera
2. Evan Longoria
3. Adrian Beltre
4. David Wright
5. Ryan Zimmerman
6. Aramis Ramirez
7. Pablo Sandoval
8. Chase Headley
9. Brett Lawrie
10. Hanley Ramirez
11. David Freese
12. Martin Prado
13. Pedro Alvarez
14. Mike Moustakas
15. Kyle Seager
16. Todd Frazier
17. Kevin Youkilis
18. Lonnie Chisenhall
19. Manny Machado
20. Will Middlebrooks
21. Trevor Plouffe
22. Jeff Keppinger
23. Michael Young
24. Josh Donaldson
25. Chris Johnson
26. Matt Dominguez
27. Alberto Callaspo
28. Alex Rodriguez
29. Chris Nelson
30. Luis Cruz

UPDATED 3/20/13:
Hanley Ramirez falls from #5 to #10.
Chase Headley falls from #7 to #8.
Ryan Zimmerman rises from #8 to #5.
Lonnie Chisenhall rises from #20 to #18.
Jeff Keppinger rises from #25 to #22.

Overall Thoughts

Miguel Cabrera is a top three pick in every Fantasy Baseball league on planet Earth. Naturally, he’s ranked number one at Third Base. He is the most dependable player in Fantasy Baseball and puts up gaudy numbers year-in, year-out. I have no issue with someone taking him first overall. He’s consistent and sometimes it is best to play it safe… I’m looking at you Ryan Braun.

I really struggled with number two, three, and four for this year, but I settled on Evan Longoria at number two overall, followed by Adrian Beltre and David Wright. If Longoria is healthy, and that’s a big if, he will definitely be number two behind Cabrera. I’m banking on him staying healthy for the first time in three years. Wright and Beltre both provide value, but I’ll take Beltre because he will hit many more home runs. He doesn’t steal, but the pop makes up for it.

Don’t forget about Aramis Ramirez. He’s very consistent and will be for the next couple of years. He could fall a round or two because people may think that shipped has sailed. It hasn’t. He’ll have a solid year.

There is no way Chase Headley will hit 31 homers again. His ISO was 100 points higher in 2012 than it was the previous two seasons. There is going to be regression.

Can Ryan Zimmerman or Pablo Sandoval stay healthy over a full season? Zimmerman did play in 145 games last year, but he had a nagging shoulder injury that required two cortisone shots. In Sandoval’s case, at least he doesn’t have another hamate bone to break. Now, if he could just keep the weight off and stay in shape…

Brett Lawrie is an intriguing player in 2013. He’s going to be in a stacked lineup, so he shouldn’t have as much pressure on him. I could see him going 20/20 this year. Martin Prado was traded to Arizona and I think his value will see an increase. He’s never been a favorite of mine, but he’s fairly consistent. His power should increase playing his home games at Chase Field.

Another guy I was really down on was Pedro Alvarez. Last season though, he made me a believer. I know he’s never going to hit over .250, but he has serious power. He blasted 30 last year and could increase that number this year. He’s always going to strikeout way too much, but it comes with the territory. Home runs are a lot harder to pick up on the waiver wire than steals are.

Don’t be surprised if Kevin Youkilis regains his stroke this season. I see good things for “Youk” in the Bronx. Alex Rodriguez could be out the whole year, so Youkilis may have a spot at the hot corner all season.

Todd Frazier, Manny Machado, and Will Middlebrooks will all look to build on their rookie season’s of 2012. I like both Frazier and Middlebrooks to hit at least 20 home runs apiece. These three could very well move into the top-12 next season and I’m very intrigued to see how they produce.

Man, Michael Young is one bland Fantasy Baseball player. He’s a guy that I really have zero interest in owning.

The bottom seven players in this top 30 are guys that you’ll only want to own is deeper leagues. Chris Johnson will likely be splitting time with Juan Francisco. Jeff Keppinger, as discussed in my Second Base Rankings, is only good for batting average. Rodriguez will miss a significant portion of the season with the possibility of not playing at all. Luis Cruz will be batting in a great lineup, but he is quite boring. Hopefully, you’re not counting on any of these players as your starting Third Baseman.

Thanks for reading! Agree with my Rankings? Disagree? Please leave a comment. I’d love to interact with you. Look for Shortstop Rankings tomorrow! Click below to follow me on Twitter!



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