By David Kerr

2013 Catcher Rankings

1. Buster Posey
2. Carlos Santana
3. Yadier Molina
4. Matt Wieters
5. Joe Mauer
6. Victor Martinez
7. Jonathan Lucroy
8. Miguel Montero
9. Mike Napoli
10. Wilin Rosario
11. Ryan Doumit
12. Salvador Perez
13. Alex Avila
14. Carlos Ruiz
15. Brian McCann
16. A.J. Pierzynski
17. Jesus Montero
18. Jarrod Saltalamachhia
19. J.P. Arencibia
20. Russell Martin
21. Wilson Ramos
22. A.J. Ellis
23. Jason Castro
24. Rob Brantly
25. Derek Norris
26. Yasmani Grandal
27. Travis d’Arnaud
28. John Jaso
29. Tyler Flowers
30. Chris Iannetta

UPDATED 3/20/13:
Alex Avila rises from #14 to #13.
Salvador Perez rises from #15 to #12.
Yasmani Grandal falls from #23 to #26.
Rob Brantly rises from #29 to #24.
Jason Castro rises from #30 to #23.

Overall Thoughts

There is a clear cut number one catcher headed into 2013 and that man is Buster Posey. It still amazes me the way Posey came back in 2012 from a very serious ankle injury and basically dominated the position. In a standard 12-team draft, he’s definitely worth a mid-2nd round pick. I’d likely even snag him at the end of the first.

Carlos Santana is going to break out in 2013. This is his year. Those of you in OBP leagues know how much value he carries for that category alone. He has real pop, walks a ton, and is going to be hitting in a pretty decent, albeit strikeout prone, lineup. I have a lot of confidence in him this year and luckily for those that draft him, you should be able to grab him in the 6th or 7th round. I’m confident enough in Matt Wieters to predict a true breakout in 2013. I think he will boost his average over 20 points from his 2012 campaign and have a slight power increase as well. He’s a stud, and he’s going to produce big this season.

A professional hitter in every aspect of the term, Victor Martinez is coming back from a completely lost 2012. He tore his ACL late in 2011 and didn’t play in a game last year. Luckily for fantasy owners, he’ll strictly be Detroit’s Designated Hitter. I have full confidence that he’ll have a typical V-Mart year with a ling something like .300-18-85. Be confident, he’s still a great hitter. My catcher breakout candidate is Jonathan Lucroy. He had an above average BABIP of .338 which led to a rather high overall average (.320). His BABIP should regress, so I see something closer to an average of .280-.285 over a full season. He should provide decent pop and produce his fair share of runs. In most leagues, players such as Salvador Perez and Wilan Rosario will be drafted before him. I think Lucroy has a better season than either of those players.

Is Brian McCann still a solid fantasy catcher? Yes! He’ll bounce back in 2013. Don’t sleep on Ryan Doumit. He won’t catch everyday, which is a good thing for the Twins and fantasy owners alike, but he’ll provide solid numbers out of the catcher position. Of course, that’s if he stays healthy! As long as he is the DH on most days, he should be fine. Carlos Ruiz will miss 25 games to start the season, but I still think he puts up good numbers in 2013. He should fall in most drafts.

Can A.J. Pierzynski repeat his 27 home run performance from 2012? Doubtful, but he is headed to a home ball park that could net him 20. There are certainly worse options out there. Jarrod Saltalamacchia and JP Arencibia will hit their fair share of home runs, but will both be average killers. They are both good as number two catchers in a two catcher league, but I wouldn’t want either of them as my number one. Russell Martin won’t hit 21 homers in 2013, in fact, I think 15 may be pushing it.

Yasmani Grandal is going to miss 50 games to start the 2013 campaign. I would avoid him in 10-12 team redraft leagues and pick him up closer to when his suspension ends. He will have value, so don’t forget about him. Travis d’Arnaud may not begin the season as the Mets starting catcher, but I expect him to take that spot by June. He should be a solid number two in two catcher leagues.

Thanks for reading! Agree with my Rankings? Disagree? Please leave a comment. I’d love to interact with you. Look for First Base Rankings tomorrow! Click below to follow me on Twitter!


  1. joe says:

    Nice job! I think you are overlooking Perez, however. KC really values him, and that often leads to good things from young players. Is Ruiz rated low because of missing early time, or because you think last year was a fluke?

    • David Kerr says:

      I see some growing pains for Perez. I think that 12 overall is just about for Ruiz. I don’t think last year was totally “flukey,” but keep in mind he is 34 years old.

  2. Cody says:

    A little surprised by Mauer being 5th. With his high average, he stands out in a 5×5 league (for me anyways). He may not hit a ton of homeruns, but he’ll contribute in AVG, R and RBI as good as or better than the rest of the catchers (minus Buster Posey). His consistency makes him my number 2 catcher this year. What do you think?

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