DSE/AskROTObaseball Mock Draft #2 Round 2-5 Summary

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Articles, Mock Drafts

By David Kerr

Here are the results of DSE/AskROTObaseball Mock Draft #2 Rounds 2-5. It is worth noting that Mock #2 is moving much quicker than Mock #1; 20 picks ahead of it actually and it started three days later! I won’t be writing as long of a summary as I did for the Round 1 summary because I’m getting caught up, but I will write a little blurb on each round. This will get me caught up and hopefully I’ll be able to expand my thoughts for Round 6! Here we go with Round 2…

Round 2

@cjtyrrell136 Giancarlo Stanton 2.1 17 OF
@StevenSantos5 David Wright 2.2 18 3B
@RonJohnson5 Felix Hernandez 2.3 19 SP
@RDLARK Jose Reyes 2.4 20 SS
@askROTObaseball Evan Longoria 2.5 21 3B
@JeffSobers Adrian Beltre 2.6 22 3B
@U_Neek81 Hanley Ramirez 2.7 23 SS
@cmcbrien Jose Bautista 2.8 24 OF
@akantecki Dustin Pedroia 2.9 25 2B
@Mike_Schwartze Edwin Encarnacion 2.10 26 1B
@AGDFRD Adam Jones 2.11 27 OF
@chrisgarosi Starlin Castro 2.12 28 SS
@Friz26 Justin Upton 2.13 29 OF
@LosAngelesGypsy Jered Weaver 2.14 30 SP
@Streets559 Matt Cain 2.15 31 SP
@TheRealADiNardo Cole Hamels 2.16 32 SP

Round Summary

This round kicked off with Giancarlo Stanton being taken by @cjtyrrell136. This is a very good pick as I think that Stanton will have a monster year. Had he fallen to me four picks later, I definitely would have snapped him up. The round closed out with three Starting Pitchers being taken. It is important to have an ace in a league this deep. Sure, pitching will be available later, but getting a true number one starter with Cy Young potential is a smart move. Out of the three (Jered Weaver, Matt Cain, Cole Hamels) that went late in the first round, I prefer Hamels.

My Pick: Evan Longoria

I debated on Longoria, Hanley Ramirez, and Dustin Pedroia at this spot, but ultimately settled on Longoria. I have always been a huge fan of his, but as we all know, he has had trouble staying on the field. I am a bit skeptical that he’ll play a full season, but his upside is MVP caliber. He could hit 35-40 home runs with 100 plus RBIS and a .380 OBP. I’ll take my chances.

Best Value Pick: Justin Upton

Justin Upton is quite a value at number 29 overall. I’m actually surprised he fell this far. He’s a great bounce back candidate who I feel will put up some rather gaudy numbers in 2013. There are actually rumblings today that he could end up in Atlanta with his brother B.J. If that happens, I expect big things from both players as they should both be motivated to have big seasons. Regardless of where the younger Upton brother is playing to start the season, he should have a very nice year. Nick pick, @Friz26.

Round 3

@TheRealADiNardo Adrian Gonzalez 3.1 33 1B
@Streets559 Gio Gonzalez 3.2 34 SP
@LosAngelesGypsy Cliff Lee 3.3 35 SP
@Friz26 Stephen Strasburg 3.4 36 SP
@chrisgarosi Ben Zobrist 2.5 37 2B
@AGDFRD Bryce Harper 3.6 38 OF
@Mike_Schwartze Ian Kinsler 3.7 39 2B
@akantecki Jason Heyward 3.8 40 OF
@cmcbrien Ryan Zimmerman 3.9 41 3B
@U_neek81 Curtis Granderson 3.10 42 OF
@JeffSobers Matt Holliday 3.11 43 OF
@askrotobaseball Jacoby Ellsbury 3.12 44 OF
@RDLARK Jay Bruce 3.13 45 OF
@RonJohnson5 Yoenis Cespedes 3.14 46 OF
@StevenSantos5 Billy Butler 3.15 47 1B
@cjtyrrell136 Aramis Ramirez 3.16 48 3B

Round Summary

The round started with Adrian Gonzalez going with the 33rd overall pick. That is too high in my opinion. I’m not a huge fan of A-Gone at this point. That isn’t saying he won’t have good value, but I’d prefer to wait on someone like Paul Goldschmidt or Freddie Freeman. Next was a string of three Starting Pitchers (Gio Gonzalez, Cliff Lee, and Stephen Strasburg), all of which I like a lot. Stephen Strasburg has the upside, but out of the three, I actually like Cliff Lee the most this season. He should rack up 15 or so Wins and his other statistics should stay the same or even improve. He’s a gamer. Jason Heyward is the guy that I hoped would fall to me, but to no avail. He went at number 40 overall. I think he’s worth a pick in the 20-25 range. Great value! Aramis Ramirez seemed to go a bit higher than I figured he would, but he’s still a solid producer. I’m not sure of @cjtyrrell136’s other considerations there, but Ramirez could have been his safest bet.

My Pick: Jacoby Ellsbury

Jacoby Ellsbury missed half of 2012 with a shoulder injury that likely lingered on the entire season. If everything went right (and he was the MVP) he could go 30/50. I highly doubt that will happen, but I’d be happy with 20/40. If he stays healthy, he’ll put up good numbers.

Best Value Pick: Jason Heyward

I am very high on Jason Heyward in 2013. He won’t be 24 until August and he’s coming off a very productive season where he hit 27 homers and stole 21 bases. He has a good eye and will take his fair share of Walks as well. I think he went later than he should have in this draft, but it is fair to assume that some people don’t think he’ll build on his 2012 performance. I think he will and at number 40 overall, it is worth finding out.

Round 4

@cjtyrrell136 Zack Greinke 4.1 49 SP
@StevenSantos5 Elvis Andrus 4.2 50 SS
@RonJohnson5 Chris Sale 4.3 51 SP
@RDLARK Joe Mauer 4.4 52 C
@askROTObaseball Paul Goldschmidt 4.5 53 1B
@JeffSobers Aaron Hill 4.6 54 2B
@U_Neek81 Allen Craig 4.7 55 1B
@cmcbrien Jason Kipnis 4.8 56 2B
@akantecki Chase Headley 4.9 57 3B
@Mike_Schwartze Yadier Molina 4.10 58 C
@AGDFRD Madison Bumgarner 4.11 59 SP
@chrisgarosi James Shields 4.12 60 SP
@Friz26 B.J. Upton 4.13 61 OF
@LosAngelesGypsy Brandon Phillips 4.14 62 2B
@Streets559 Austin Jackson 4.15 63 OF
@TheRealADiNardo Ian Desmond 4.16 64 SS

Round Summary

One of my big question marks this year is Chris Sale, who went with the third pick in the fourth round. He had a fantastic 2012, but I’m torn whether or not he’ll duplicate or improve in 2013. He’s someone I likely wouldn’t take this early. Aaron Hill is another guy that I just can’t get a good read on. He has always been mediocre overall, but he put up very good numbers when he came to Arizona. I think he’ll regress a bit this season, but should still be good for 20 homers and 10 steals. I would have waited on him at least another round or two. This round was full of players that had career years in 2012. The question is, which of them will be solid contributors and which ones will be regress or be busts? Quickly running through them… Jason Kipnis won’t steal 31 bases again, Chase Headley won’t hit 31 home runs again, and I can’t foresee Ian Desmond blasting 25 home runs again. I feel like Headley has the best chance of coming closest but 20-25 homers seems much more likely. Remember he plays half of his games in Petco Park. B.J. Upton, with his 30/30 potential and Brandon Phillips, with his always solid line and his weak position were both excellent picks at the end of the fourth round.

My Pick: Paul Goldschmidt

I wavered on this pick and I’m still not sure whether I made the right one or not. I considered Brandon Phillips at this spot, but wanted Goldschmidt’s upside. I think he’s going to have a very productive year with close to 30 homers. If he could manage to steal 18 bags again, it would be icing on the cake. There was no one that really stood out to be here, so Goldschmidt was good enough for me.

Best Value Pick: Madison Bumgarner

I’m surprised Bumgarner fell to number 59 overall. He had some rough patches in 2012, but at the end of the season, he had some nice numbers. This will likely be @AGDFRD’s ace in 2013 and he could do a lot worse. It was a good pick at the spot he was taken.

Round 5

@TheRealADiNardo Shin-Soo Choo 5.1 65 OF
@Streets559 Jimmy Rollins 5.2 66 SS
@LosAngelesGypsy Martin Prado 5.3 67 OF
@Friz26 Mark Teixeira 5.4 68 1B
@chrisgarosi Max Scherzer 5.5 69 2B
@AGDFRD CC Sabathia 5.6 70 SP
@Mike_Schwartze Carlos Beltran 5.7 71 OF
@akantecki R.A. Dickey 5.8 72 SP
@cmcbrien Roy Halladay 5.9 73 SP
@U_neek81 Jose Altuve 5.10 74 2B
@JeffSobers Kris Medlen 5.11 75 SP
@askrotobaseball Craig Kimbrel 5.12 76 RP
@RDLARK Alex Gordon 5.13 77 OF
@RonJohnson5 Pablo Sandoval 5.14 78 3B
@StevenSantos5 Mark Trumbo 5.15 79 OF
@cjtyrrell136 Carlos Santana 5.16 80 1B

Round Summary

Shin-Soo Choo led off this round and I like this pick very much. Choo will be batting leadoff for Cincinnati and should score plenty of runs. He gets on-base at a career .381 clip and is moving to a hitter’s ballpark. I expect a big year. Last year’s N.L. Cy Young winner finally went in Round 5. I think R.A. Dickey will have a good year, but not like his 2012 season. He’s worth a shot in the 5th round based off last year alone. Roy Halladay went with the very next pick.. I prefer Halladay in 2013. Jose Altuve wouldn’t have lasted back to the end of the sixth round and with all of the upper tiered second basemen gone, I actually like this pick. He should hit .300 with plenty of steals. The round finished with Carlos Santana going at number 80 overall. I like Santana a lot this year, but I prefer him at Catcher where his value increases substantially.

My Pick: Craig Kimbrel

Before settling on Paul Goldschmidt and passing on Brandon Phillips in Round 4, Craig Kimbrel crossed my mind. I was hoping he’d be here in Round 5 and luckily he was. He’s the best reliever in Fantasy Baseball and not only will he save 40 games, but he’ll strikeout 120 batters as well. I’ll take that all day long out of a reliever. Some people don’t believe in “paying for saves,” but that is hardly what I’m doing. I’m getting a relief pitcher that will help in every category except Wins. A reliever that posts a WHIP under 1.00 will do wonders for your cumulative WHIP.

Best Value Pick: Roy Halladay

I don’t think Roy Halladay is finished and he will prove that this year. To say Halladay had an off year in 2012 is an understatement, but a pitcher of his stature is bound to bounce back. One bad season doesn’t convince me that Halladay is washed up. He’ll rebound in a big way this year!

Thanks for reading! When Round 6 of the DSE/AskROTObaseball Mock Draft #2 is completed, I’ll have another summary available. Click below to follow me on Twitter!


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