DSE/AskROTObaseball Mock Draft #2 Round 1 Summary

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Articles, Mock Drafts

By David Kerr

By running two 16-team Mock Drafts simultaneously, it gives everyone reading an opportunity to see how much the results differentiate. Both drafts are using the same format and have completely different owners (except for me, of course). The first round of Mock Draft #2 didn’t really have any standout surprises as you can see below.

@TheRealADiNardo Ryan Braun 1.1 1 OF
@Streets559 Miguel Cabrera 1.2 2 3B
@LosAngelesGypsy Mike Trout 1.3 3 OF
@Friz26 Robinson Cano 1.4 4 2B
@chrisgarosi Andrew McCutchen 1.5 5 OF
@AGDFRD Albert Pujols 1.6 6 1B
@Mike_Schwartze Justin Verlander 1.7 7 SP
@akantecki Matt Kemp 1.8 8 OF
@cmcbrien Joey Votto 1.9 9 1B
@U_neek81 Carlos Gonzalez 1.10 10 OF
@JeffSobers Prince Fielder 1.11 11 1B
@askrotobaseball Buster Posey 1.12 12 C
@RDLARK Clayton Kershaw 1.13 13 SP
@RonJohnson5 Josh Hamilton 1.14 14 OF
@StevenSantos5 David Price 1.15 15 SP
@cjtyrrell136 Troy Tulowitzki 1.16 16 SS

Round Summary

My guess would be that 90 percent of Fantasy Baseball drafts will consist of Ryan Braun, Mike Trout, and Miguel Cabrera going first, second, and third overall. The order doesn’t matter because an argument can be made for all three to be taken first overall. In this draft, @TheRealADinardo went with Braun. Braun has gone 30/30 in back to back seasons and barring injury he’ll likely do it again. Just like in the first DSE/AskROTObaseball Mock Draft, Robinson Cano went fourth overall. That is a pick a wholeheartedly agree with. It’s no surprise that Justin Verlander went in the top ten in this draft as well. He been the most consistent starter in Fantasy Baseball the past few years and his track record warrants a first round pick. One thing that has surprised me in both Mock Drafts is that Matt Kemp has fallen out of the top five. I suppose his hamstring issues of last season may have something to do with that. I will go on record and say that I prefer Kemp over Andrew McCutchen this season. He’s in a much better lineup and I think he’ll stay healthy. If he does in fact stay healthy, he’s going to produce and he may do it in a big, big way. It was no surprise that David Price and Stephen Strasburg both went in the first round. Along with Verlander and Felix Hernandez, they round out my top four at the Starting Pitcher position. Troy Tulowitzki is a high risk, high reward player and is definitely worth a gamble with the last pick of the first round. There is no chance a player with Tulowitzki’s caliber would make it back to the end of the third round.

My Pick: Buster Posey

Even though it is only January, I have compiled about one-third of my overall rankings for the 2013 season. I have Buster Posey ranked number ten overall. There’s no doubt he’s the top catcher in the league and he warrants a first round pick. I was hoping he would fall to me with the twelfth pick and he did. It is hard to find the type of production that Posey provides out of the Catcher position. It goes without saying that it’s very beneficial that Posey plays his fair share of First Base which gives his body a break. I see another big season for Posey and felt confident taking him with a first round pick.

Best Value Pick: Matt Kemp

I still think that Kemp should be going in the top five. With 40/40 upside and a strong track record, he could easily end the 2013 season as the Fantasy MVP. If I were picking at number eight, it would have been a no-brainer, Matt Kemp would have been my pick. I’m very bullish on Kemp this year and think that he will replicate and possibly surpass his 2011 season.

Thanks for reading! When Round 2 of the DSE/AskROTObaseball Mock Draft is completed, I’ll have another summary available. Click below to follow me on Twitter!


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