DSE/AskROTObaseball Mock Draft #1 Round 2 Summary

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Articles, Mock Drafts

By David Kerr

Below are the results of Round 2 in the DSE/AskROTObaseball Mock Draft #1. Click here for results from Round 1.

@NYLivinCAMind David Wright 2.1 17 3B
@TKing978 Josh Hamilton 2.2 18 OF
@faketeams Justin Upton 2.3 19 OF
@AskrROTOBaseball David Price 2.4 20 SP
@daydreaming08 Adrian Beltre 2.5 21 3B
@cooperkyle22 Edwin Encarnacion 2.6 22 1B
@Three_O_Swing Hanley Ramirez 2.7 23 SS
@fake0elvis Matt Cain 2.8 24 SP
@MRobison21 Stephen Strasburg 2.9 25 SP
@TheFantasyDR Felix Hernandez 2.10 26 SP
@ClubhouseGM Evan Longoria 2.11 27 3B
@VinnieRullo R.A. Dickey 2.12 28 SP
@magicspecs Jose Bautista 2.13 29 OF
@Murrrrrph Adam Jones 2.14 30 OF
@PatsRule23 Jered Weaver 2.15 31 SP
@zomall Starlin Castro 2.16 32 SS

Round Summary

This round consisted of very obvious, safe picks. The biggest thing that stood out to me was the string of Starting Pitching that went starting with my pick of David Price. More on that after the summary. I feel as thought Justin Upton was a solid pick at number 19 overall. I am in the camp that feels that Upton can be a top 10-15 player this year. It’s hard to pass on a power/speed combo with upside. Adrian Beltre has been a very safe pick since he’s donned a Rangers uniform. He should put up another solid season with no problem. I like Stephen Strasburg in 2013, but I have a gut feeling 2014 will be the year he really breaks out. There’s no doubt though that he’s worthy of a second round pick, especially in a 16 team draft and his sky high upside. @VinnieRullo took the plunge and grabbed R.A. Dickey with the 28th overall pick. The big question is whether he can he come close to repeating next year? My feelings are that he’ll be solid and win a lot of games, but the ERA and WHIP are bound to go up. With that said, he is coming off of a Cy Young season, so you can’t fault someone for expecting a repeat of 2012. With @zomall’s pick of Starlin Castro, that likely takes the top tier and a half of Shortstop’s off the board. If he didn’t grab him there (or with the next pick,) there was no chance he’d get him 30 picks later.

My Pick: David Price

After Clayton Kershaw, David Price and Felix Hernandez vie for my Starting Pitcher fantasy love. With the fourth pick of the second round (No. 20 overall), I settled on David Price. His WHIP has improved in every season since 2009, while his K/9 has increased each year in the same time period except from 2011-2012, where he stayed the same (8.7). He pitches in a hitter friendly park for a team that will win plenty of games. Another reason while I settled on a Starting Pitcher with little reservation was due to the fact that in a league this deep, I think it’s critical to have an ace. David Price is definitely an ace and I expect another stellar season. The other player I considered at the time was the aforementioned Felix Hernandez.

Best Value Pick: Felix Hernandez

With pick 26 overall, Felix Hernandez was a steal. He’s pitched AT LEAST 232 innings in each of the past four season and struck out an average of 224 batters per season over that same time period. The only real negative with King Felix is that he doesn’t win many games. I’m going to go on record and make a bold prediction that The King will win at least 17 games in 2013. If Felix falls to you at number 26 overall in any draft, consider yourself lucky and enjoy the ride!

The Round 3 summary should be out tomorrow or Sunday! Click below to follow me on Twitter!


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