DSE/AskROTObaseball Mock Draft #1 Round 1 Summary

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Articles, Mock Drafts

By David Kerr

The new year has started and that means only one thing, it’s time to start prepping for FANTASY BASEBALL! On top of rankings, player profiles, and an abundance of roster question’s, I am going to be running Mock Draft’s from now until the season starts. I am partnering with Dynasty Sports Empire and providing these drafts to fellow Fantasy Baseball experts and anyone that follows me on Twitter. They will be rather deep drafts and all info on the drafts can be found by clicking here. Alright! On to the first round results of DSE/AskROTObaseball Mock Draft #1.

Owner Player Round Pick Overall Pick Position
@zomall Mike Trout 1.1 1 OF
@PatsRule23 Miguel Cabrera 1.2 2 3B
@Murrrrrph Ryan Braun 1.3 3 OF
@magicspecs Robinson Cano 1.4 4 2B
@VinnieRullo Andrew McCutchen 1.5 5 OF
@ClubhouseGM Prince Fielder 1.6 6 1B
@TheFantasyDR Albert Pujols 1.7 7 1B
@MRobison21 Justin Verlander 1.8 8 SP
@fake0elvis Buster Posey 1.9 9 C
@Three_O_Swing Matt Kemp 1.10 10 OF
@cooperkyle22 Jose Reyes 1.11 11 SS
@daydreaming08 Troy Tulowitzki 1.12 12 SS
@AskROTOBaseball Carlos Gonzalez 1.13 13 OF
@faketeams Giancarlo Stanton 1.14 14 OF
@TKing978 Joey Votto 1.15 15 1B
@NYlivinCAmind Clayton Kershaw 1.16 16 SP

Draft Summary

This was a pretty standard first round with the usual consensus of top 3 picks (Trout, Cabrera, Braun) going one, two, three, in that order. I liked @magicspecs pick of Robinson Cano at number four. Aside from Miguel Cabrera, he is the most consistent hitter in Fantasy Baseball, plus he plays a premium position. Buster Posey is definitely worth a tenth overall pick. He had a spectacular year in 2012 after suffering a very serious ankle injury in 2011. He’s an elite option and worthy of a first round pick. I like @MRobison21’s pick of Justin Verlander at number eight. In a draft this deep, it is critical to have an ace and Verlander defines that. Troy Tulowitzki at twelve was a bit early for me, but if he can stay healthy, he’ll be the top Shortstop without a doubt.

My Pick: Carlos Gonzalez

“Cargo” has 30/30 potential and I think this could be the year he reaches that number. I am a bit concerned that he hasn’t surpassed more than 20 steals the past two seasons, but I believe this is the year it will all come together. He hits for average, has a great blend of power and speed, and plays half of his games in Coors Field. I’m confident in him this year. Before I ultimately picked Carlos Gonzalez, I was mulling over him, Clayton Kershaw, and Giancarlo Stanton. Once Cargo was off the board Stanton and Kershaw went with two of the next three picks. I was hoping one of them would make it back to me!

Best Value Pick: Matt Kemp

I couldn’t believe Matt Kemp fell to tenth overall, but it happened. Most players taken before him are safer picks, but there’s no doubt Kemp has the upside of a first overall pick. He is another guy that if healthy over a full season can be a 40/40 player.

Guest Blurb

@PatsRule23: When I found out I was getting the 2nd overall pick, I was happy knowing I would get one of the big 3 (Trout, Miggy or Braun). Trout was taken first so for me the two options I had were Miggy or Braun. Both guys have such a great impact on HR, RBI, & AVG., but only Braun has the stolen base potential. On the other hand, I had to think about their positions and the depth in each; this is what ultimately made my decision. Third Base is not a deep position while Outfield is pretty deep this year and I know I can draft speed later on in the draft. So with the 2nd pick in this 16 team mock draft I went with Miguel Cabrera.

Round 2 Summary tomorrow! Click the icon below to follow me on Twitter!


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