ROS: Top 50 Outfielders

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Rankings

By David Kerr

I have three positions to rank which include Outfielders, Starting Pitchers, and Relief Pitchers (Closers). They should be completed by the end of this week and will allow you take gauge a player’s value for the rest of the year from my point of view. I certainly appreciate you reading! On to the outfielders!

ROS: Top 50 Outfielders

1. Mike Trout–LAA
2. Ryan Braun–MIL
3. Andrew McCutchen–PIT
4. Josh Hamilton–TEX
5. Matt Kemp–LAD
6. Carlos Gonzalez–COL
7. Matt Holliday–COL
8. Michael Bourn–ATL
9. Carlos Beltran–STL
10. Curtis Granderson–NYY
11. Adam Jones–BAL
12. Giancarlo Stanton–MIA
13. Alex Rios–CWS
14. Jason Heyward–ATL
15. Michael Morse–WSH
16. Jason Kubel–ARZ
17. Shin-Soo Choo–CLE
18. Jose Bautista–TOR
19. Mark Trumbo–LAA
20. Nelson Cruz–TEX
21. Justin Upton–ARZ
22. Yoenis Cespedes–OAK
23. Jay Bruce–CIN
24. B.J. Upton–TAM
25. Shane Victorino–LAD
26. Josh Willingham–MIN
27. Alex Gordon–KC
28. Hunter Pence–SF
29. Corey Hart–MIL
30. Martin Prado–ATL
31. Jacoby Ellsbury–BOS
32. Nick Swisher–NYY
33. Jayson Werth–WSH
34. Austin Jackson–DET
35. Ryan Ludwick–CIN
36. Ben Revere–MIN
37. Josh Reddick–OAK
38. Dexter Fowler–COL
39. Andre Ethier–LAD
40. Drew Stubbs–CIN
41. Nick Markakis–BAL
42. Desmond Jennings–TAM
43. Alfonso Soriano–CHC
44. Rajai Davis–TOR
45. Matt Joyce–TAM
46. Torii Hunter–LAA
47. Lorenzo Cain–KC
48. Coco Crisp–OAK
49. Carlos Quentin–SD
50. Michael Brantley–CLE

I have to put Mike Trout at number one. He isn’t letting up and is well on his way to his first MVP Award. (You can read more about my thoughts on Trout (and Andrew McCutchen) over at by clicking this link,

Ryan Braun has a chance to go 30/30 if he can swipe 10 bags in the next seven weeks. I think he’ll get there. Josh Hamilton has really turned it on lately and you should be confident that he’ll keep mashing as he reaches the end of the season. Matt Holliday has been VERY solid this season and there’s absolutely no reason to think that won’t continue. Speaking of someone who is killing the ball, Giancarlo Stanton is batting .304/.344/.744 with 5 home runs since returning from the DL on August 7th.

Jose Bautista should be back this coming weekend. Who knows what he’s going to do, but I have enough confidence in him to put him in my top 20.

Nick Swisher has really been killing it lately and I like for him to finish the season strong. The same thing goes for Jayson Werth.

If you need power, look at Alfonso Soriano. I can’t imagine he’s available in too many leagues, but he has an outside shot at 30.

Rajai Davis will lead the league in steals the rest of the way, so if you need stolen bases and he’s on your wire, grab him immediately. Also, Coco Crisp will chip in his fair share from here on out as well.

Thanks for reading! Check out my Rest of Season Starting Pitcher Rankings which should be out on Wednesday. Click the icon below to follow me on Twitter where I’ll answer all of your question’s daily!


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