What Should You Do With YU?

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Player Profile
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By David Kerr

Six Earned Runs. Eleven hits. Four walks. Hey, at least he almost made it through the 7th inning. This, folks, was the latest Yu Darvish debacle.

Since June 2, Darvish has posted an awful 5.67 ERA. His WHIP in that time period is 1.45. On a positive note, he did make it through 5 innings in each of those starts and also made it through 7 plus innings on five different occasions in that span. He’s had a K/9 of 10.8 (88 K’s in 73 IP) in that time and that makes the brutal ERA and WHIP a little bit easier to swallow. Still though, the negatives outweigh the positives here.

His BABIP from the beginning of June until now is .321. That’s just a tick higher than his season BABIP of .312, which is only .23 higher than the league average of .289. Pitchers with similar BABIP’s this year are Cliff Lee, Stephen Strasburg, and Zack Greinke (Strasburg and Greinke’s are higher). Yu Darvish’s main undoing this season is the fact that he allows so many base runners, mainly through Walks. He has a very poor BB/9 of 4.97, which is 1.48 higher than the league average is 3.49. Another factor that plays into Yu’s poor play as of late is his high workload mixed with only four days of rest in between starts. In Japan, he pitched every sixth day as opposed to every fifth day in the Majors. It is clear that Darvish is wearing down and that fact alone tells me to stay away because there won’t be a huge rebound.

So, the question is what should you do with Yu? I think this boils down to the size of your league and the size of your roster. If you’re in a 10 team league, dump him. Wins, which Darvish has 11 of, are the least valuable fantasy statistic that a pitcher brings to the table. You can chase Wins towards the end, if need be. Now is the time to stabilize your ERA and WHIP with good solid outings. Receiving those from Darvish would be a blessing because it isn’t going to happen very often. At the end of the day, Yu Darvish is going to get you a lot of strikeouts, but be a liability everywhere else. I’d drop him in 12 team mixed unless you have extremely deep rosters where you can stash him in hopes that he turns it around. Those of you in 14 team mixed leagues and deeper should hang on at least another start or two for the same reason. I don’t have high hopes, but stranger things have happened. AL-Only teams don’t have much of a choice but to grit their teeth and hope for the best. I can’t see there being many better options out there.

Pitchers that issue so many Walks are pitchers that I tend to stay away from. Sure, the strikeouts are nice, but you’re going to be nervous every time they take the mound (think Max Scherzer). I’m not touching Darvish from here on out and unless you’re in a deep league, I’d advise you to do the same. It isn’t worth the headache.

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