August NL West Closer Report

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

By David Kerr

August NL West Closer Report

Arizona Diamondbacks

Since his return from the disabled list at the end of July, J.J. Putz has saved nine games and has an ERA of 1.86. As the Diamondbacks make a surprising push towards the playoffs, he should save quite a few down the stretch.

Current closer: J.J. Putz

San Francisco Giants

Brian Wilson was placed on the disabled list today and is expected to only be out the minimum time. In his absence, Jeremy Affeldt should get most of the save opportunities. Ramon Ramirez saved the game for the Giants today, but Affeldt pitched pitched two shutout innings for the win. I’d monitor this situation for the time being to see if either emerges as the clear cut closer. If you must pick someone up now though, I’d go with Affeldt.

Current Closer: Jeremy Affeldt, Ramon Ramirez

Other options: Brian Wilson (D.L.)

Colorado Rockies

Huston Street was placed on the disabled list with a strained triceps on August 9. Rafael Betancourt is filling in while Street is out, but it should only be another five days to a week. Street is on target to begin a rehab assignment tomorrow.

Current Closer: Rafael Betancourt

Other options: Huston Street

San Diego Padres

So, Heath Bell wasn’t traded after all. He also wants a new contract to stay in San Diego. I’m not sure if that will happen, but I do know he will finish the season in that role and should produce well in it.

Current Closer: Heath Bell

Los Angeles Dodgers

Well, he doesn’t get many opportunities, but when he does, Javy Guerra converts. He did blow his first game on Saturday, but his job should be safe for the rest of the year.

Current Closer: Javy Guerra

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