Posted: July 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

By David Kerr

First off, I wanted to say “Thank-you” for reading my blog, following me on Twitter, and asking TONS and TONS of questions. You guys are awesome. I have reached 300 followers on Twitter and want to make it 400 as soon as possible. If you have ever asked me a question and I haven’t answered, I want to apologize. Please e-mail me at askrotobaseball@yahoo.com and I guarantee I’ll answer any question you have. Sometimes on Twitter, I accidentally miss a question and for that I apologize.

Now, for the good stuff…

Tomorrow, I will be analyzing every trade down to the wire. I’m hoping it is up to the minute (my kids could change that), but if not, my full in-depth details and opinion will be out tomorrow night. It could be a crazy day (I hope), but who knows… it could be relatively quiet.

As far as the rest of the week goes, Monday starts a new month. That means AUGUST RANKINGS! Based on traffic to my blog, that is a popular day. Rankings are definitely a fun thing to look at and analyze. I’ll do my best to give you the best details and break down that you need to finish the season strong.

Later in the week, you can expect more in depth trade analysis and at least one player profile. *As a side note, a lot of leagues have trade deadlines from now until the middle of August. If you have question’s, no matter how in depth, PLEASE send them to me on Twitter or via e-mail.*

That is it for today. Let’s gear up for the deadline! It will be at 4:00 PM EST tomorrow (Sunday) and you can count on me to give you the break down you need (and want) from a fantasy perspective.

Stay tuned…

Be sure to follow me on twitter by hitting the follow button below. I will answer any and all fantasy baseball questions you have. Also, you can e-mail me at askROTObaseball.com for any long form question’s. If you need an answer quick though, definitely use Twitter!


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