Breaking Down A Few Trades…

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Trades

By David Kerr

Breaking Down A Few Trades…

This is the third installment of “Breaking Down A Few Trades…” and has will probably become a weekly feature on my blog. I like it because it gives you a rough idea of what I think players are worth in certain types of trades. As always, these question’s come from my Twitter followers. I’ve already answered these question’s in short form, but this is a further breakdown.

The first trade question comes from @paulywog. He was offered Ryan Roberts and Michael Brantley for Andrew McCutchen and Carlos Carrasco. This is a typical trade offer someone would make to get a stud without really giving up too much.

Ryan Roberts is eligible at second base and third base in most leagues. He is currently sitting at 13 homers and 13 steals. His batting average isn’t great and at .248 currently, it has probably peaked for the year. I doubt he will reach 20/20 status this year. In my opinion, the best of his production is behind him. Michael Brantley is a borderline fourth or fifth outfielder. He has decent speed, but little pop. He won’t kill you in average, but isn’t really special in any way. He’s a guy you could probably find on your waiver wire in most 10 team leagues and some 12 team mixed leagues.

The other side of the trade involves a five-tool stud and a decent though very bland starting pitcher. Andrew McCutchen will probably hit his prime in two to three years. At that time, look out. He could have 35/35 potential with a .300 average while scoring and driving in over 100 runs. At this time, he should have no trouble hitting 22 homers and swiping 30 bags. It is somewhat troubling that he hasn’t even attempted a steal in almost a month, but I think he will start stealing soon enough. There are only a handful of outfielder’s I would rather have. Carlos Carrasco could probably be found on your waiver wire in a 12 team mixed league. He had a nice little hot stretch, but his last four starts have left a lot to be desired. I think his current numbers of a 4.25 ERA and 1.29 WHIP are about what to expect for the rest of the season.

Final Verdict: Andrew McCutchen and Carlos Carrasco, and it’s really not even close. Roberts and Brantley are both very average players while McCutchen is a star. In a deal like this, I’ll keep the star every time.

The second question comes from @shimsvt who was offered Chris Carpenter and Mark Reynolds for Asdrubal Cabrera.

If you’ve been reading my blog the past month, you know I am high on Chris Carpenter. I like him to have a very good second half. Mark Reynolds is what he is. He has a low average and he hits a ton of home runs. If you’re low in average and looking to gain, you want nothing to do with Reynolds. Much like Carlos Pena in the past and Adam Dunn this year, he could kill your average.

Asdrubal Cabrera has been one of the top five players at the shortstop position this year. Always a good average guy, he has added good pop and is on pace to steal around 20 bases. He will score a ton of runs and will be consistent until season’s end. I don’t expect much drop off.

Final Verdict: Chris Carpenter and Mark Reynolds. This isn’t really all that close. Overall, Cabrera probably has the most value out of the three players. With that being said, you’d be getting a top 25 starting pitcher in Carpenter and a lot of pop in Reynolds. It’s a deal you have to make.

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