Have no fear…

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Articles

By David Kerr

It has happened to everyone. Your team gets pretty hot, you shoot up the standings, you put it on cruise control, then… BAM! You hit a brick wall going 100 MPH. Your hitters forget how to hit, your pitchers are giving up 9 ER in 2 IP (with no strikeouts!), you can’t buy a win, and your power is zapped. You start to panic and can’t believe this could be happening. Don’t worry though, it happens to everyone!

What makes baseball great is that every team plays 162 games. Every single day we all scour the box scores, we look at free agents available in our leagues, we look to add that proven hitter that’s having a bad stretch that someone just gave up on. It’s a long season. There are ups and there are downs.

The ups, well, they feel fantastic! You took a small gamble and grabbed a freshly recalled Travis Snider as a free agent. You insert him in your lineup and he absolutely crushes the ball. You own Jered Weaver and he continues to be lights out. Everything is clicking and you picked up a ton of points in a small amount of time. Heck, maybe you even catapulted to the top of a category. The important thing though is that you gained points.

But those lows… oh, those dreadful lows. You know the ones that are lower than a snakes belly. The kind that make you sick to your stomach. You look at your roster and say, “How can this be? Look at these hitters! They’re SUPPOSED TO HIT!” You clench your fist and think to yourself, “I hate my team, I’m done with these bums.” You sigh and say, “This is the end, I’m screwed.” But, you know you aren’t. Ten minutes later you’re pulling up Ryan Howard’s career statistics to see what his career average is in the second half. You debate with yourself who a great buy-low candidate would be. You’re trying to find a pitch you could stream the next day to grab a cheap win and a couple of strikeouts.

Have no fear fantasy geeks, it isn’t the end. If you’re near the top of your standings, you have a great shot! Everyone goes through rough spells. It may be a week or two, but you’ll get out of it. Your slugger’s will start crushing the ball, your pitcher’s will finally start racking up strikeouts, and hey, you may even get a lucky win here or there. It’s better to slump now in third place, then to slump the final two weeks when you’re leading by three points. Take a deep breath and be confident in your players. They’re on your team for a reason. If you feel like you need to make a move, do it. If you need some advice, ask for it. It’s a long season and you’re in it for the long haul. So, get your game face on and get ready for the stretch run. These final two months are crucial! Get ready to make a great run, but more importantly get ready to win! That is truly what it’s all about!

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