Fearless Second Half Predictions

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Articles

By David Kerr

The All-Star break is finally over (it seemed like an eternity) and the second half begins in a few short hours. I wanted to make a few bold predictions for the remainder of the season. I welcome your thoughts and opinions for the rest of the season in the comments section below. Here we go…

Adam Dunn finishes the season with a .205 batting average and 22 home runs.

After struggling for the first two and a half months, Chris Carpenter finishes the season with a 3.50 ERA and 150 strikeouts.

Matt Kemp joins the 40/40 club, being the first player to do so since 2006.

A light bulb goes on and Alex Rios goes on a tear to start the second half. At the end of the season he’ll sit at 15 homers and 18 steals.

Clayton Kershaw will lead the majors in strikeouts with 260 by season’s end.

Melky Cabrera will start putting up numbers like, well, Melky Cabrera. If you can, unload now. His best production is behind him.

In an unsurprising move, Francisco Liriano will be removed from the Twins rotation and subsequently dropped in most fantasy leagues.

In an even less unsurprising turn of events, Josh Johnson will not throw another pitch in a major league game this season.

Heath Bell will get traded to a team where he will be the full-time closer, relieving fantasy owners everywhere.

The National League Cy Young winner will be Roy Halladay.

The National League MVP will be Ryan Braun.

Jordan Zimmerman will in fact be shut down. But, at the end of his season, he will have a strong ERA of 2.70 and WHIP of 1.10.

Desmond Jennings will be recalled around August 22, and finish with 3 homers and 7 steals on the year. For what team, I’m not too sure.

Joe Nathan will be the Twin’s closer by August 1. He’ll finish the year with 12 saves.

Out of all the recent call-ups Mike Moustakas will be the most productive.

A lot of people are predicting a big regression from Michael Morse. I disagree. His final line will be .295-30-85. Right on par with what he’s doing now.

Danny Espinosa statistics will stay right in line with what they are now. A low average with 25 homers and 22 steals by season’s end.

The American League Cy Young award winner will be Justin Verlander.

The American League MVP will be Adrian Gonzalez.

Hanley Ramirez will have a very strong second half and play like he’s actually Hanley Ramirez circa 2009.

Phil Hughes will actually help fantasy teams down the stretch.

Ryan Howard will lead the NL in second half homers with 21.

Jimmy Rollins will land on the disabled list at some point in the second half.

Jay Bruce will be a top five fantasy outfielder the rest of the way.

Brennan Boesch will bat .240 the rest of the season, bringing his numbers down. Just like last year.

And finally…your 2011 Fantasy Baseball MVP will be Jose Bautista!

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  1. JP says:

    You killed me with that Josh Johnson prediction

  2. The fun part will be revisiting this post in October.

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