Still holding on? Drop him.

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Articles

By David Kerr

We all have at least one player on our team that needed dropped about a month ago. For some reason though, we keep holding on. Maybe it’s past statistics, maybe he’s “definitely going to turn it around in the second half”, or probably we just have a “man-crush” on a guy (c’mon, we all do).

Here are a few guys you can feel free to get rid of today. Included with the player is the ownership percentage in Yahoo! fantasy baseball leagues.

Casey McGahee Ownership: 54%

In 2010, Casey McGahee cracked 25 homers and drove in 104 runs. Those are very good statistics. This year through 310 at bats he has 5 homers to go along with 36 RBI’s and a batting average of .222. Putrid. Even at a very weak third base this year, he should NOT be owned in a 12-team mixed league. I’d be skeptical to own him in a 16-team mixed because he’s not really giving you anything. Five home runs is unacceptable from the hot corner. It’d be one thing if he was giving you a steady batting average, but he’s barely above the Mendoza line. If you were hesitating to drop McGahee, stop questioning yourself and send him to the unemployment line.

Grady Sizemore Ownership: 65%

How 65% of fantasy players on Yahoo! own Grady Sizemore is beyond me. Once touted as a 5 tool player, Sizemore has been reduced to an injury prone guy with a little pop and not much else. He has 8 homers to go along with 25 RBI’s. In 2008, Sizemore had 38 steals. This season he’s been caught stealing twice to go along with ZERO steals. So basically what you have is a guy who you could guarantee would grab you 30 steals a year to someone who has attempted two steals! In three years? Talk about decline. I don’t even need to get into how injury prone he is. The fact is Grady Sizemore has no reason to be on a roster in a 12-team mixed league. Dump this bum.

Gordon Beckham Ownership: 46%

I know Gordon Beckham plays second base. It doesn’t matter. This guy is not a good player to own in fantasy baseball. When he came into the league in 2009 he showed a lot of promise hitting 14 homers in 378 at bats. Heck, he even walked 41 times. It’s been all down hill since then. He’s had 16 homers in 710 at bats. He has a very minimal amount of speed. You could probably count on him swiping five bags the whole year. He may hit .260, but you should probably count on something closer to .250. I know second base is shallow, but in a 12-team league I guarantee you can do better. There isn’t even a category you can fall back on and say, “Well, at least he drives in a ton of runs, or steals a lot of bags, etc.” When it comes right down to it Beckham just doesn’t cut the mustard. You should have no issue with dropping him.

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