Streaming Pitchers: Yes or No? Part 1

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Articles

By David Kerr

Streaming Pitchers: Yes or No? Part 1

A question was recently asked my twitter page @askROTObaseball whether or not I agreed with streaming pitchers. This is a good time of year to discuss this strategy with only four days left until the All-Star break.

For those of you who have found the term “Streaming Pitchers” as something new, this is the basic idea. You pick up Pitcher A on Monday, drop him for Pitcher B on Tuesday, then turn around and drop him for Pitcher C on Wednesday, etc. While you would certainly gain strikeout numbers and (hopefully) wins, your ERA and WHIP can take a real hit.

If you’re in a 12 team mixed ROTO league, there’s a good chance that there aren’t many “very good” pitchers on your wire. So regardless of where you’re at in the season it is always going to be a risk. I tend to find it much riskier in the middle of the season as compared to early or late in the season. Some people will agree a lot of fantasy championships are won in June and July. That isn’t always the case, but certainly holds true a lot of the time which could be a possible validation of the riskiness of streaming pitchers throughout the two months. If you had a player such a Jon Lester, who just went down with a strained lat, this could be a good opportunity to stream his pitching spot. You’d be able to start four different guys from now until the break. Of course the only problem with that is the quality of the pitchers. If you went with four pitchers such as: J.A. Happ, Jo Jo Reyes, John Lackey, and Zack Duke who pitch in that order Thursday through Sunday you’d be running a SERIOUS ERA and WHIP risk. With that quality of pitching you’re liable of raising your ERA .15-.25 in four days! At this point in the game, that’s a lot! Obviously, you want as much quality pitching as you can get. Keeping that ERA and WHIP down now is important in trying to chase Wins and Strikeouts in September. In this situation mere days before the All-Star break I’d rather pick up a closer who may be able to snag me a couple of saves than go with sub-par pitchers. At this point in the season, I definitely DO NOT recommend streaming pitchers, but things can change quickly!

Tomorrow in Part 2, I will discuss when you can and should stream your pitching. Watch for it!

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  1. JP says:

    How about in H2H points leagues? Streaming pitchers makes a lot more sense in my league I would guess.

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